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Find your place

and your people!

Plug in to community!  Find your place to grow, to make a difference and experience authentic relationships with others.


MCC Kids is a safe place for you to bring your kids to learn about God, make new friends and have a ton of fun. Bring them every Sunday at 9:30 and Wed. 6:30pm for the best time they'll have all week long!  Ages Toddlers through 5th grade.

MCC Students,  6th - 12th grade - a place to make new friends, get challenged in your faith and be the real you without judgment.  Click below to let our youth pastor know you want to go and get more information!

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We believe that life is lived out, better, together in smaller groups of people. Our Men's Ministry, FORGE, is for guys from Teens to Grandpas! We meet each week!

MCC'S WOMEN's Ministry  is for women of all ages and seasons of life.  We will encourage you through Bible studies, various groups, and special events, walking alongside you as you strive to enrich your relationships with Jesus Christ, your family, and friends.

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We believe that children belong in families, and we want to help make that happen. We hope that with the help of our Money Grants,  Christian families can bring children into their homes through the wonderful gift of adoption.


The Great Commission in Matthew 28 says clearly, "Go make disciples of all nations." We interpret this as spreading the gospel, both locally and globally. We do this today by serving others and sharing with them the love of Christ.

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Worship brings us togeter!   We connect with the Holy Spirit  moving in our wowrship, and the glorification of Jesus! Help in our worship or serve with our worship arts team.  God, bring us more souls with music in their hearts!



Getting to know God deepens our faith. Learning together makes strong friendships.  Find an opportunity to meet with a small group, a Bible Class at our facility, or with one of us. 

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